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Dear Visitor,

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce briefly our company, the Tornyos és Társa Kft.

Our enterprise was established in 1993, as a family enterprise. Our main activities are the construction of the constructional metal works like steel and hall structures, the Lindab brand’s construction and the Lindab brand trade. Our main profiles are the production and construction of the non-series and standard-buildings’ steel frame-structures, the implementation of roof coverings and sidewall casings with single layer and thermal isolated design, from the materials of Lindab. These hall structures contain all the advantages of the light-metal systems. Nearby the economic structural performance we offer the available most suitable cover systems according to the expectations and demands.

Mostly we hand over these light metal construction halls completely, together with doors and windows, as well as tinsmith structures, wholly ready-made collared. The size, the volume, and shape of the hall can be planned in the given plenty of rope, according to the function, the demand for space, or respectively to the individual constructional conceptions. Their area of utilization is multiple; nearly every demand can be satisfied. Covering all of the cases we ensure a detailed price offer and according to the demand professional counselling for our commissioners.

Our commercial activity is based on the trading of the already mentioned Lindab – system. In the favour of the quality service offered on this field – our company uniquely in the area – is in the passion of significant stock among others in: flat metal sheets, gutters, downpipes, and the accessories of these, as well as the necessary auxiliary materials and fittings. Generally we order the trapeze and tile effect roof sheets according to size, and we can supply in a short deadline. Yearly we advertise more promotions for the Lindab tile effect roof sheet covering and its accessories, and for the Lindab raingutter system, with these we also endeavour to attract our prospective customers. Since 2003 we started the design, sales, and construction of the most new system of Lindab, the Familyline lightweight residential buildings.

The headcount of our permanent staff is over 50 people. The well-educated group of professionals having lots of professional experiences also largely contributed to our success achieved until this time. In the favour of the continuous improvement of the service quality our company performs its activity according to the ISO 9001:2000 quality assurance system. Our main area of activity is Zala County, but we performed other significant duties in the other regions of the Transdanubium as well. Our colleagues are cordially at your service at our premises in Nagylengyel, and in our showroom in Nagykanizsa, where the Lindab products can be surveyed, and can be bought.
I hope shortly you can be also welcomed among our partners!

Yours sincerely,

Ernő Tornyos
managing director

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